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Miniature Metal Winnie The Pooh set Painted

This is a super cute five piece set of lead metal miniature hand painted Winnie and friends. Pooh measures .75"tall x .5" across x .25" deep. See penny for size reference.

Miniature Metal Girl Painted - Yellow/Green

1"tall x .75" across x .5" deep.

Miniature Metal Girl Painted - Yellow/Pink

1"tall x .75" across x .5" deep.

Miniature Metal Pooh Standing Painted

11/16"tall x .25" across x 3/8" deep. Picture shows pooh painted and one unpainted. Sale is for the painted pooh.

Miniature Metal Piglet- Painted

This sale is for the painted metal piglet doll shown in the photos. These old pewter pieces have been washed, deburred and painted. This piece is just under 3/4" tall 3/8" wide and 3/8" front to back.

Miniature Metal Woman - painted

1"tall x .75" across x .5" deep.