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Artist Studio Diorama


Miniature plugin LED Brass Lamp W/fabric shade. NOT BATTERY!

Brass lamp with a blue and gold fabric shade. 12 volt LED.

Dollhouse 1:12 NON-Electric Chandelier

¥3,220 ¥2,683

Dollhouse 1:12 NON-Electric Chandelier

¥2,683 ¥2,147

Chrysnbon Hall Stand


Wooden Tea Cart


Petite Princess Fantasy Furniture

Clock and folding screen. The paper on the screen is loose and falling off. It needs to be re-glued. The clock measures 6" tall.

Chrysnbon 18 pc bathroom kit

Chrysnbon 18 piece bathroom kit. This is a 1:12 scale kit that can be painted or used as is. The pieces need to be glued together.

B.H. Miniatures Hoosier Cabinet Zip Bag

A9-B.H. 111 K- Zip lock bag
The Country Collection by B.H. Miniatures. This kit comes with the instructions for the Hoosier cabinet but it isn't in it's original package.

B.H. Miniatures Hoosier Cabinet

A9-B.H. 111 K
The Country Collection by B.H. Miniatures. This is a complete kit with instructions for the Hoosier cabinet.

B.H. Miniatures Dry Sink

A9-B.H. 107 K
The Country Collection by B.H. Miniatures. This is a complete kit with instructions for the dry sink.

Tiny Pewter Deer

This little deer is hand painted and she is only 1/2" tall and 3/8" long. It's made of pewter, painted and sealed. Shown with other items that are not included in this sale.

Tiny 1" Pewter Kewpie Doll

This is a super small kewpie doll. She stands 1" tall and 1/2" across tip of fingers to tip of fingers. She is hand painted and she's adorable. She'll really add to a dollhouse nursery and she would be super cute with a tiny dress made for her. (Not included)

Dollhouse Miniature Pewter Rooster Choice

B4-D Rustic
Rustic tiny rooster for miniature setting. He measures 1 1/16" tall x 1 1/16" to tail and the base is approximately 3/8" wide. This piece is not intended for children. He is made of a solid pewter.

Three Piece Dollhouse Furniture Set

This is a commercial set of miniature furniture that was hand painted. Includes all three pieces shown. Two corner cabinets and one hutch. The hutch measures 6 1/8" tall x 4 1/2" wide x 2 1/4" deep. No makers mark.

Dollhouse Old Pewter Horse Raw

This is a raw solid pewter horse. He measures 1" from stand to tip of ears. 1 1/4" nose to rear of tail. 1/4" front to back.

Room Box Cafe

Sweet Rustic French Cafe with art pieces displayed on the walls and the corner shelves. Cover opens up for maintenance or if you would like to add some of your own art. Comes with two battery operated LED's mounted on the ceiling. The on/off switch is mounted on the upper right hand side. Measures 12" long x 8 1/2" high and 4" deep.

Room box Treasure Storage

Rustic French room box packed with lots off goodies. I love this piece and I would love to have a storage room somewhere with these types of things inside. Everything was handmade and/or hand painted. The scale is 1:12 of the contents. The box is made of wood and comes with two led battery operated lights on the ceiling. The front can be removed to re-glue or add items if necessary. 11 3/4" long x 8 3/4" tall x 3 5/8" deep. The on/off switch is located on the back of the piece. There are no two pieces alike in these rooms.

Dining Room Wall Room Box

This is a rustic room box that includes a shabby white hutch with lots of ceramic and wood dishes that were painted to reflect the past. Hand painted jugs and kettles line the corner shelves. The dimensions of the box are 11 1/8" long x 9 1/4" high x 3" deep. The front cover can be removed to replace anything that might come unglued or if you have your own treasures that you would like to add. There are No lights in this piece.

Dollhouse Room Box "my Space"

This is a pretty display with beautiful rustic tones of yesterday. Photo album open on the desk and a basket on the floor filled with more waiting to be added (Faux). Baskets hanging from the ceiling are filled with flowers picked from the garden. Please look close at the photos because there is a lot to see. This display would be lovely on any wall as well it can just sit on a desk or shelf. I make these story tellers from scratch and never build two the same. My boxes can be opened if something falls off a shelf or just comes unglued. Measurements are 8.75" tall x 6.25" wide and 3.75" deep. It has lights that are battery operated with an on off switch on the back.

Dollhouse Loaded Bathroom Shelf

This shelf is loaded up with all of a doll's bathroom needs. Stocked full of lotions, creams, tissues, and perfumes. Measurements are 2 3/4" long x 3/4" deep x 1 3/4" high. New old stock.

Miniature blank perfume bottles

These are resin bottles that are ready for your label to be added. They are small, 7/16" tall x .25" wide x 1/8" thick

Body Spray for dollhouse

This is a faux can of body spray for a miniature setting. Stands .75" tall x .25" wide.

Miniature pewter train

The train is permanently attached the the platform it sits on. This little train would look fantastic in a miniature nursery. Overall it measures 5.5" x 1/2".

Dollhouse hand painted boho table

I painted this little table in blues, oranges, reds. I believe it's a petit princess table. It is made of plastic but it's adorable and affordable. It stands 1.75" tall and it's 2" across.

Dollhouse Floor Lamp 12 volt Lamp Electric incandescent light bulb

This is a hand painted floor lamp that is painted in pink, ochre, lilac, and greens. It measures 3.5" tall. It is painted to match the table lamp that is also currently listed.

Dollhouse Lamp 12 volt Lamp Electric incandescent light bulb

Miniature 12v oil table lamp hand painted in pale pink, ochre, lilac, and greens. It measure 2.5" tall to top of glass globe and it is 1 1/8' across at widest point of globe. Very pretty piece.
¥2,147 ¥1,610

Dollhouse hand painted boho rocking chair.

This rocking chair is from a Chrysnbon kit that I painted in beautiful burnt orange, ochre, sienna, mustard, blues, greens and browns. The chair is made of plastic and measures 4" tall x 2" wide x 2.5" deep.

Miniature Birdcage

Beautifully refurbished birdcage is done in a rustic French finish with vintage paper lining the bottom. It measures 2.25" across x 1.25" deep and it's almost 5" tall. There is not a bird in the cage. Mama is looking for for him but he's been gone for a while so it's time to let it go.

Miniature Dry Sink

This is truly a one of a kind piece. I Hand painted in bright beautiful colors on top of a black base coat. Doors and drawers are in working order.

Dollhouse hand painted tray

Hand carved from teak and hand painted with a beautiful rooster. 1:12 scale.

Chrysnbon Table and Chairs Hand Painted - yellow

Chrys Tab-2ch-yellow
Chrysnbon Miniature Table and 2 chairs, leaves do not move. Table measures 4" long x 2.25" wide x 2.5" high.

Dollhouse miniature cast old pewter Alice doll painted

This sale is for hand painted metal piece shown in the photos. This piece is just under 1 1/4" tall 3/4" wide and 5/8" front to back.

Dollhouse Old Pewter Horse Hand Painted Bronze

B3-HP Horse Bronze
This is a solid pewter horse that was painted with a brinze enamel paint and sealed for protection. He measures 1" from stand to tip of ears. 1 1/4" nose to rear of tail. 1/4" front to back.