The House of Miniatures X-Acto Collector Series #40019

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This is an X-Acto House of Miniatures kit #40019 - Chippendale Dry Sink. All kits come with instructions unless otherwise noted. Prices on pictures are not correct.

I am showing the original catalog photo and price.

From the manufacturer:

The forerunner of the modern day kitchen sink was found in many early many early American homes. Many of the earlier designs were used merely as stands to hold a china basin which was used in sleeping salons or kitchens for personal washing. The more elaborate ones were lined with zinc or copper and were fitted with a hole and stopper so that the water was poured right into the sink itself. A bucket underneath caught the water as it ran out when the stopper was released. The bucket was usually stored behind the hinged raised panel door. The drawers contained towels, lye soap, powders, and other personal items. This piece might have been made out of pine or other common wood. Although not a historical piece of fine fur nature, it was a commonly found piece of furniture in many homes of this period. Generally dry sinks were made by a local craftsman, were of simple design and rather crudely finished. This antique might have been passed down or given to the owner of a home by his or her parents as one of the first pieces a new bride and groom would have after setting up their first home.