House of miniatures #40062 Hepplewhite Cellarette Kit

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Contents of unopened sealed kit plus all hardware to make the cellarette. Circa 1790. 

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From the manufacturer: COLLECTORS NO. 40062 Hepplewhite Cellarette

The original of this unique piece of furniture was built by an American cabinetmaker sometime in the 1790's. The design is based upon Hepplewhite's distinctive style. The tapered legs and uncluttered lines are typical and made his work stand out among the ornate curves and carvings of earlier and later periods.

This particular piece of furniture obviously wasn't built for one of our Puritan ancestors. The top section was intended to provide storage for several bottles of spirits and the drawer section allowed the owner to keep his corkscrews, etc. ready for use.

The pullout shelf above the drawer provided a working space for the Colonial host or hostess. Pieces of furniture such as this Cellarette are unique because they were constructed for such a special purpose. They also provide us with a small insight into the life styles of these earlier times.