Dollhouse Mirrored Hall Table

Shabby white tall hall mirrored table. 7" h x 2 1/4" w x 1 1/4" d. Very nice piece.

Information and original price

Hunt Mfg. Co.: 1981 - 1986

In March 1981, Hunt Mfg. Co. paid $13.9 million for two properties previously owned by CBS Inc., the X-Acto company, which made hobby knives, and The House of Miniatures company, which sold dollhouse miniatures through the mails. Both remained in Long Island City, New York. The Hunt Mfg. Co. notice went on the boxes in place of CBS. In 1983, HoM introduced their Coronation Series of artisan furniture pieces as high-end collectibles.

. This sale is for the tall mirrored hall tree. The other pieces are available also.
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