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Quarter Scale Cottage Build


The size of this cottage is 10" x 6". It's made

from foam board that's covered with plaster and paint.


 Interior plaster and paint work.
















Custom staircase built from scratch.


First version of the closet (upper left). I build everything from my head as I go so

I tend to have to rework stuff a lot.


Exterior plaster work and window openings.


Beginnings of a revised closet.

This closet works better because I needed it

to go to the ceiling in order to cover my (faux) stairs.

I wanted it to look bigger and deeper than it actually is.


I installed a corner closet in the top floor bathroom. 





Front installed with the scratch built windows and doors and shutters (fun ;)




Added lighting in the stairway and closets to add to the depth illusion.



Side windows and and shutters are in. I made a simple base

from wood and painted it to look like turf.



Under the stairs is a built in bookcase.


All custom made furniture for this tiny dwelling.






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