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Miniature Framed Deer Mount

I'm making a framed deer head mounted in a picture frame and I thought I would

do a short tutorial for anyone that might be interested. Super easy... 
I got these antlers from Hobby Lobby at Christmas time. They were having a great sale
and I thought maybe I would think of something to do with them. There are 6 in
the package but I will only use one this time.
This is the one I want to use for this project. They are actually tree ornaments
so I had to remove the eye hook and string. I didn't bother to fill the hole because
I plan on adding some highlights and I'll dab the hole with paint.
You can find these frames at any shop that sells commercial dollhouse stuff.
The are made of plastic which makes them easy to paint and the paint stays on.
Remove the picture (barely glued). Your left with a really nice dark
brown felted background for you to mount your piece on. I also removed
the stand because mine will be on the wall.
I painted the frame and created some antiquing to bring out the detail on my frame.
Slide the back into the slots.
That's it... Glue the mount to the frame!
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