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I grew up in the country surrounded by woods. When I was 15 a bunch of friends and
I had been swimming in an old quarry that we called the pit. It had been our swimming
hole my entire childhood, even though we weren't supposed to go anywhere near it.
I had to get home because it was time and I didn't want to be late so I took a shortcut
through a wooded piece of property that I had been through everyday for as long as
I can remember. No one lived on it, and there weren't any buildings or a house on the place.
As I'm running down the path, a pack of big mean looking dogs came out of nowhere (I screamed)
and they surrounded me by a tree just like this picture depicts. I thought I was going to
be eaten alive, and I had no idea how I was ever going out of there. My friend came racing
in on her horse and I jumped on the back and she took me out. She heard me scream and came to investigate.
Thank you Angie!







































































































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