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Bell Tower House

This is the way it came to me. Bare wood, no doors or windows or anything else really.

So I had to start removing all the old wallpaper from inside in order to start from a blank slate.

It got it's name "Bell Tower House" because I bought it in Bell Florida and it's a tower so... 

 It came with only one overhang and balconies o I had to figure out how to match the top piece.

There are pics further down in the post to show how those turned out.


 I wanted an old plaster / brick exterior.

You have to put it on thick if you want it to crack 



















 I had one bay window in stock, I made 

the rest of the windows and doors from scratch.

















 I worked on a couple interiors at the same time. 

There are 16 rooms in total and for the most part

they're all same size.




 I painted the floor a pale pink and then added

some paint chips I already had to make it

look like an old terrazzo floor.


 I made this floor look like a marble floor.

I used foam board that I put lots of creases in 

just by bending it here and there. I added several

colors of blue and while it was still damp I used 

a rag to lift and maneuver the color.



There was one original overhang and I used it to make three more.

I made the smaller ones for some of the windows and doors 

on the sides of the building. Needed character!  




 I used heavy white card stock for this floor but 

I sprayed it with clear to make it shiny. 

I made these dormers for the rooftop. It drastically needed

something up there and this is what I came up with. I could

have bought them already made but I didn't. Getting that angle for the

roof pitch wasn't easy for me but they all managed to come out good.



 For the roof, I used old vertical blinds cut to

size, glued them on and painted with  a copper finish.













 Side 1


 Side 2


 Side 3


 Side 4


 This is one of my favorite rooms. I love the bright

contrast of the white floor and the pink walls.








This is still a work in progress and probably always will be.

I just love this thing.


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